Wholesale Printed Canvas Handbags

We sell handbags, tote bags and for promotional purposes in İstoç. There are up to 60 models in the stocks. Come and visit us any time you want! 

We offer you these little bags for a very good price! All of our pouches are 100 percent cotton and nature friendly. Where can you use them? There are plenty of usage ways of them. But the best one we think is ging them out as gifts. Why not make someone feel special, especially if it is your loved one?!


The best material for a briefcase is a high-quality cotton fabric, this is why we make our bags and pouches from 100 percent of cotton. We love to always give you the best and make you happy!

We use different printing methods including silk-screen, transfer, foil, digital. Let us know the image you want and our professionals will let you what printing method will be used and for how long will it last. Have any questions? Contact us from the numbers- +90 212 643 21 00, - +90 506 136 33 99 or write to us from the email - info@istecanta.com.
Digital printed cloth bags are produced very fast. You can print the desired pattern on the empty cloth bag. We can produce bag in 1 day when we need emergency printed cloth bag. There are no waiting times in digital cloth bags as there is no color and mold problem. 
The best visual result for prints made on cloth bag is transfer printing. In your boutique and private business or your Emergency cloth bag needs, Transfer printing method is used. Transfer printed products can be inverted and washed at 30 degrees during washing. The durability is between 6-10 washings.


In the purchases above 500 pieces, any desired size and color are made for you. Buying a wholesale will be beneficial for you since we have good prices on canvas handbags (briefcase) and all products, bought wholesale.

Contact us now:

+90 212 643 21 00, +90 506 136 33 99


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