Saving Nature With Canvas Handbags

Isn't it time to think about the planet we live on even at making decision on the products we use? We make this decision easy for you with our canvas handbags of just your taste. When choosing a canvas tote bag from our store, you will be able to make that bag a nice gift or a type of promotional product. Whatever you do, we are ready to help you with it here. 

Canvas Handbags

Canvas handbags come in backpack styles of diffent colours (we also have got a unique set of them), normal handbags of a size 25x18,which look very cute, and beach bags of different colours of a size of 35x40 cm, 35x40x10 cm, 41x48x10 cm and others. For details about the models and prices about new cotton briefcase and more models, contact us right now:
Need a price information? Please, feel free to contact us anytime: +90 212 643 21 00 ve | WhatsApp: +90 506 136 33 99.

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iPad Handbag


Being number one in Turkey in this sector and having more than 35 years of experience and over hundreds of world known references makes us proud with what we do! We make printing on handbag models, we sell them for an item or as wholesale briefcase, tote bags and handbag models, make them in different sizes and colours, 100 percent of a cotton. What you have to do is take your time and enjoy affordable and different shopping with us. If you want to see more models than the ones on our online store, you can visit us right in our store. Need to get more info? CONTACT US:
Need a price information? Please, feel free to contact us anytime: +90 212 643 21 00 and | WhatsApp: +90 506 136 33 90.

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