Promotional Tote Bag Production

A lot of companies nowadays look for different ways of advertisement. Unfortunately, promotion takes a lot of money out of the budget. Not with our promotional cotton tote bags, though! We offer you our modern tote bags and if you wish we print your logo on it, so it becomes a waking advertisement. You do not waste none of your effort, time and very little money. It sounds good, doesn't it?

We have 35 years of experience and references from over 200 agencies, world known brands!
Our textile bags are 100 percent of a cotton, eco-friendly, durable and organic. You can even order a wholesale and take it to the bigger extent. For your logos being printed in the tote bags contact us from the numbers- 0212 643 21 00, - (0) 506 136 33 99 or get in touch with us from


The most preferred tote backpack models are at!

You can quickly learn the prices of tote bags from our mail or phone. Our company which produces promotional tote bags can produce tote bags in all kinds of colors and sizes. We offer digital printing or transfer printing for presses under emergency and 300 pieces of tote bags. If you want to get promotional or printed design bags, digital printing or transfer printing is for you if your customs are low number of models too. Another printing type, silk-screen printing, can be made for 300 pieces and single type designs. It is the longest-lasting promotional bag printing on printed cotton.


We produce our promotional tote bags in Istoc in Istanbul. Visit us if you want to see up to 60 models of cotton tote bags.

For more information, contact us now:

+90 212 643 21 00,
+90 506 136 33 99

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