Colored Handbag Models

Because of its easy-to-use clutch handbag models, which are specially preferred by everyone, canvas handbags have very stylish designs with rich color options and elegant patterns. Clutches with more than sixty models are offered with attractive price options.


Paintable Canvas Handbags

We're printing out unusual designs or photos of your choice on canvas handbags. The clutch bag models can be used in many areas. It is especially common to use it as a briefcase. We also have gift handbag models.




Different Briefcase Models

The briefcase models, which are quite suitable as a gift, are a very nice gift item to make your loved ones or customers happy because they have many varieties. We also have wholesale handbags models and can be used as a gift.

Natural Clutch Bag Models

In addition to clutch bag products, our company also produces printed canvas handbags and briefcase. You can order any size and number of printed gift bags and you can make it to your door as soon as possible. İstoç sales office is located in Mahmutbey Mahallesi, İstoç 25. Ada, No: 78 Bagcilar / ISTANBUL, close to the center and very easy to reach.
After logging in to our website, you can select the online shopping section of cutch bags and order your desired briefcase as wholesale and economical. We have special discounts on wholesale orders. For wholesale orders of 500 pcs and above, the handbag with a normal price of 7 TL is sold for 4 TL. If you encounter any problems, you can send an e-mail to You can also call 0212 643 21 00 to find out more about your online orders, cargo and delivery.




Where to Buy Wholesale Clutch Bag 

If you want to buy a clutch bag in Istanbul with good quality and reasonable prices, it will be useful for you to visit İstoç. Because you do not have the possibility to buy in other neighborhoods, you may have to buy more expensive. In addition, when you come to Istoc, you can get detailed information from our company by visiting our Mahmutbey Mahallesi, Istoc 25th Island, No: 78 Bagcilar / ISTANBUL. If you wish you can order canvas handbags models with the appropriate shipping facilities on the same day. If you want, you can call 0212 643 21 00 to get information by phone before you come to our company, and you can send e-mail to

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