Printing on Canvas Handbgas

There are more than 10 models of canvas handbags available in our store. If you want to see them and choose the one you like, you are always welcome to visit our store located in Istanbul, Turkey. You are going to find a vide range of bag models, colours, sizes to get your printings or paintings done at. After choosing the ones you like you can buy them wholesale and use them for promotional purposes, be it printing the logo or number of your company.

The handbag models we produce are durable on printings. There are different methods that we use for printing and it depends on the number and colour of the printing and the bag, which method will be used. For more information, please contact us:

+90 212 643 21 00 and | WhatsApp: +90 506 136 33 99 | Istoc, Istanbul / TURKEY

  A lot of people nowadays like to make paintings on the bags themselves. That's why we decide to share some tips on how to make it possible on the canvas handbags we produce.


Painting on Handbag Models

If you like to surround yourself with bright and unique things then, undoubtedly, you should pay attention to the technique of painting on the fabric of canvas handbags. With the help of special paints you will create the pattern that will correspond exactly to your mood. Today we are offering to plunge into a tropical paradise with its riot of colors and plants of exotic forms.
What is useful to us:

  • Paints for fabrics Giotto
  • Paints for fabric Nova Color
  • 3D contours for fabric Bubu
  • Synthetic brushes
  • palette
  • simple pencil
  • Wet wipes (for cleanliness of hands and small tricks)

To begin with, we will put in a way that it would be smooth. It should be clean and smooth if you do not want a striped pattern, of course. Yes, and draw on a smooth fabric faster and more pleasantly. To do this, we place inside the bag a substrate made of cardboard or a folder by the size of the handbag models. It is also possible to further wrap the substrate with food film if it's expensive inside and you plan to use it later, because the paint has the property of being printed on the back side. And after that, prepare your your sketch and proceed to creativity.

If painting seems too hard for you, do not forget that we are always here to get your images printed on your handbag models. We will be very happy to see you in our store. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

+90 212 643 21 00 and | WhatsApp: +90 506 136 33 99 | Istoc, Istanbul / TURKEY


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