Canvas Handbags are Combine to Tote Bags

For a long time classical singleton canvas handbags were considered the only true stylistic addition to the image. But often such accessories make monochrome outfits boring. Avoid this easily - recently, women's canvas handbags decorated with prints are very popular, and they are easy to find in our catalog. A variety of fashionable patterns allows you to choose an addition to clothing in any style. To ensure that the image does not seem overloaded and tasteless, it is important to choose the right combination. To get info about the printings with different patterns in our handbag call, write or visit us:

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Canvas Handbags

Recommendations of stylists apply to all handbag models, giving the opportunity to use accessories with any pictures. This will make it look bright, but withstood.

  • Uniform clothing and a colorful backpack, clutch bag or tote - a win-win combination. The neighborhood of the printed bags with patterned clothes is possible, but requires moderation and a sense of style. Use no more than two types of drawings, they must match the colors and caliber.
  • The pattern must match the predominant color in the wardrobe and the color of your appearance. If the color of the main dress is different, support the print with details, for example, the color of shoes, lacquer, jewelry. Such an addition should be unobtrusive, barely noticeable, but bringing harmony.
  • Bags with a large pattern to combine with clothing is much easier. Attire in 2-3 colors will make you look perfect and bright. If it is a small print, refrain from other things with patterns, so that the image retains its lightness.
  • The drawing can be not simply printed on a material, but embroidered or executed in the form of an applique.

Handbag for iPad

You can find a tote bag of any model, style, colour, printing at iş are over 60 models in our stocks. To see them live, you can visit us at Istoc, Istanbul anytime. If the images printed in canvas handbags do not satisfy you, you can get a normal handbag models and make a printing of your choice on it. We do it for you for an affordable price with a high quality. There are different methods of printing used, such as transfer, baskes, emprime and others. If you, for instance, want to print the logo of your compny on the bags and make them promotional, we do it for you with a high speed and quality. If you wish to get more information about the printing methods, please contact us:

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