Canvas Handbags and Briefcase Models

Environment friendly, recyclable cloth clutch bags made from hundred percent natural cotton yarn go on adding spice and zest to our lives with different designs and colors. The colorful, fashionable and handy cloth clutch bags, which are included in the wholesale handbag store of “İşte Çanta”, are particularly attracted by ladies. You can click on company's official website to browse through colored handbag models made from 100% raw cloth, also communicate with company via phone number 0 212 643 21 00, Whatsapp order line 0 506 136 33 99 or e-mail address


Tote bags can be used for briefcase

In Istanbul, canvas handbags are generally manufactured in one region. This is Istanbul Wholesalers Bazaar (Istoç). The company of İşte Çanta which provides more than sixty raw cloth bag models in the wholesale store located in Istoç, has got thirty five year experience in bag manufacturing. After Europe, the amount of people who get a briefcase or cloth bag is going up rapidly in Turkey. Raw cloth bags can be used for many purposes, such as clutch, school bag, briefcase, shopping bag, fair bag.


Printed or unprinted handbag models

İşte Çanta company produces different from each other printed or unprinted raw cloth canvas handbags. If you want to order a stylish raw cotton cloth handbag from İşte Çanta company which is the leader manufacturer of cloth bags in the district of Istanbul Wholesalers Bazaar (İstoç), the first thing to be done is to call the firm’s phone number 0212 643 21 00, write to Whatsapp order line 0 506 136 33 99 or send an e-mail to Canvas handbags are sent by courier within 3 weekdays. All products of İşte Çanta company are TSE certified and approved by the Ministry of Health.

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